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Clnfuel Consulting, LLC

Clnfuel Consulting is your one stop shop for all your fleet needs. Specializing in fleet assessment,  American  fuels,  Smartway technology, idle reduction,   technician training , first responder training,  grant writing,  all the  necessary tools you need as a fleet  professional.  
Get the most out of your fleet, using the tools that best fit your fleet needs.
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Air Quality

Let Clnfuel Consulting assist you in lowering your Green House Gases. Our fleet assessment tool will allow you to reduce harmful emissions by switching fuels, downsizing your fleet, driver training, route change, updating your fleet, telemetric, idle reduction, all done in one easy to read document.
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Clnfuel Consulting, LLC

Idle Reduction 
Find ways to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by idling less.
Driving Behavior 
Learn strategies and techniques to improve driving behavior, conserve fuel, and save money.
Parts and Equipment 
Learn about outfitting your fleet's vehicles with devices that save fuel.
Fleet Rightsizing 
Evaluate your vehicle needs to build and maintain a more sustainable, fuel-efficient fleet.
Vehicle Maintenance 
Discover ways to improve your fleet's fuel economy through vehicle maintenance.

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